Claude Dornier

Claude Dornier was born on May 14, 1884 at Kempten, Germany. He graduated from Munich Technical University in 1907.

The young engineer first worked on strength calculations at Nagel Engineering Works in Karlsruhe. In 1910, he joined Luftschiffbau Zeppelin, where his advanced abilities quickly attracted Count Zeppelin's attention.

Soon appointed as the count's personal scientific adviser, Dornier began fundamental research and design on improving the strength of light metal sections and later on aircraft engineering and giant metal flying boats.

Dornier's early findings laid the cornerstone for the evolution of metal aircraft. His activities also expanded into the areas of space explorations, electronics, information services, textiles, energy, medical technologies - and more.

During research performed in the Dornier aerospace technology division, a previously unexplained phenomenon was discovered. Pitting was occurring on the surface of an aircraft as it approached the sound barrier - a unique phenomenon found to be caused by the shock wave created in front of a droplet of moisture. This finding, followed by the close collaboration between hospitals and Dornier's development laboratories, resulted in the invention of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy - a non-invasive procedure that disintegrates kidney stones using high intensity shock waves.

In 1980, the first patient was treated using this revolutionary technology on the Dornier HM1 lithotripter. To date, millions of people around the globe have been successfully treated with this break-through discovery.

Through the years Dornier has continued to diversify its product offerings to include urology imaging tables, orthopedic shockwave devices and lasers.

In 1992 Dornier acquired MBB Medizintechnik., a German laser company with a long history in lasers. This led to further development of lasers in both the surgical and aesthetic markets. As a global leader, Dornier continues to develop innovative solutions to benefit both the patient and physician. (Source: Dornier Medtech)

Claude Dornier was invested in the International Aerospace Hall of Fame in 1987.

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